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Indian Restaurant Oslo

Indian Restaurant Oslo

Listen to Baljit is an Indian restaurant in Oslo, serving delicious, Indian food to locals and tourists alike. If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Oslo, this is the place for you.



A traditional Indian meal consists of several small dishes with different flavours called thali, which are meant to be shared between several people. According to Indian belief, it is beneficial to have at least six different flavours in your daily intake. This tradition creates a great social framework for the food, and is something we strive to offer at our Indian restaurant in Oslo.

On the menu you’ll find dishes based on authentic masala, and traditional spice mixes from the most exotic corners of India. Our dishes consists of lamb, fish, meat, chicken, or vegetarian. India has great regional variety of what is considered traditional, but all Indian food share similar features: Full of flavour, texture and aromatic spices.

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Many Indians are vegetarians for religious reasons, which means India is a great place to travel if you are a vegetarian. Enjoy a delicious and varied meal filled with lots of flavour, spices and fresh vegetables.


Indian street food is truly a gem of Indian cuisine. These appetizer-sized portions are great for a cheap meal on the go, and they’re always of the finest quality. We have brought this tradition to our Indian restaurant in Oslo, and offer a variety of regional street foods. We consider Listen to Baljit to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Oslo.

Our concept is modern and exciting: High-class fine dining meets authentic Indian street food, with a new twist. Have a taste of this and more, at our Indian restaurant in Oslo. Try some exclusive and traditional courses, or order a variety of street foods to have a taste of it all.

We also offer Indian cocktails and sweet desserts, not to mention drinks to go along with the meal. Please feel free to ask your waiter which wine or drink is best suited for the food.


In Indian culture, there’s great focus on keeping the mind and body healthy, and many people believe in eating a variety of spices every day to maintain good health. Spices are made from herbs and plants containing antioxidants, and can be health-beneficial. In India, spices are not only used in food but also in desserts and cocktails.

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The secret to making authentic, Indian food is the composition of spices, as well as timing. It might sound complicated to make Indian food, but this is completely wrong. Indian food isn’t hard to prepare, but it doesn’t make itself either (as is tradition in Norway). You need knowledge about the ingredients, and the ability to add them in the right order and amount.


Baljit Singh comes from a long line of Indian Restaurateurs, and has founded the new Indian restaurant Listen to Baljit in the heart of Oslo. He is passionate about making great, Indian food, and passing the love of authenticity on to the people of Oslo.

The menu is inspired by the food vendors from the streets of India, and consist of a variety of dishes. It’s all about traditional food with a modern twist. Indian street food by Baljit is the perfect way to sample India’s vast cuisine and culture. Every dish is packed with flavour, texture and aromatic spices.


For every meal served, a meal is donated to a hungry child. Once a year during Christmas, Diwali and Eid, Listen to Baljit collects money to support children’s education. Join our cause by booking a table at our Indian restaurant in Oslo.

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