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Indian Food

Are you in the mood for great, Indian food? Listen to Baljit is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Oslo, serving authentic, Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and unique street food. 

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Listen to Baljit is an Indian restaurant in Oslo, serving delicious, Indian food to locals and tourists alike. If you would like to have the real Indian experience, Listen to Baljit is one of the best restaurants you can choose. 


Book a table at Listen to Baljit for authentic Indian food, packed with aromatic flavour, texture, and spices. We serve the most popular Indian dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala, as well as unique street food from the most foreign corners of India. All of our food is made with love from our highly skilled Indian chefs. 


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When it comes to Indian food, the servings you’ll find in street cars is truly amazing. These are usually appetizer-shaped portions made for a cheap meal on the go, and they are always of the finest quality. We have brought this tradition to Oslo with our restaurant Listen to Baljit, where we offer a variety of regional street foods.

On the menu you’ll find dishes based on authentic masala, common ingredients in India, and traditional spice mixes from all corners of India. Our dishes consist of lamb, fish, meat, chicken, or vegetarian. We make good use of the Tandoori clay oven. 


India has a great regional variety of what is considered traditional, but all Indian foods share similar features: Full of flavour, texture and aromatic spices, the perfect combination of fine dining and social side dishes.

Apart from this, there are significant variations in Indian food, culture, climate, language, and traditions. A North Indian meal differs greatly from South Indian food when it comes to blend of spices, Indian cooking techniques and ingredients. Therefore, Indian cuisine consists of a wide variety of dishes.


This is one of the most popular Indian dishes, but the origin of the dish is disputed. Some say it originated in Great Britain, others firmly believe it was created on the Indian subcontinent. 

The dish consists of roasted marinated chicken chunks and spiced curry sauce. It’s usually creamy and orange-coloured. 


Our Indian restaurant in Oslo is modern: High-class fine dining meets authentic Indian street food with a modern twist. It’s simply one of the best Indian restaurants in Oslo, especially if you’re looking for street food. That’s why you should listen to Baljit. 

At Listen to Baljit we offer a unique tasting menu, perfect for anyone who wants to get better acquainted with Indian food. Here you’ll find some of our favorite Indian dishes with a modern twist. Order a selection of side dishes and share among yourselves, or go for a big plate if you’re hungry. 

Thali is the Indian name for a meal that consists of several different dishes, and this is a traditional way of sharing an Indian meal. Try ordering a selection from our Indian street food menu, or ask your waiter for help assembling dishes that are well suited together. We are also more than happy to help you select a suiting beverage for the meal. 


Popular belief in Indian culture says that the key to keeping the mind and body healthy, is eating a variety of spices every day. That way you can maintain good health. Indian spices are made of herbs and plants containing antioxidants, which can indeed be health beneficial. 


In India, spices are not only used in main courses but also in desserts and cocktails. Indian desserts are usually sweet, like the popular rice pudding made of coconut milk.

Order a delicious Indian dessert for the perfect ending to your meal. At Listen to Baljit, we offer mouthwatering Indian desserts to complement the dining experience. Never tried an Indian dessert before? In that case, you have something very special to look forward to. Some selections from the dessert menu: 

  • Shahi Kheer
  • Gulab Jamun with ice cream
  • Jalebi

Shahi (rich) Kheer is a traditional Indian rice flour pudding. It is made of whole rice grain and tasted with saffron and cardamom. It can be served both cold and hot. Gulab Jamun is perhaps the most popular dessert among Indians. These are sweet and sticky buns made of flour and milk, cooked and dipped in syrup before serving. Jalebi is bought by countless street dwellers in India. These are sweet little cakes fried and dipped in syrup.


We offer a selection of very special Indian Cocktails that are guaranteed to make some heat! If you are a tourist in Oslo, this is a great way to stay warm during those cold winter months. Choose from a wide selection of Indian gems such as Spicy Bellini, Chai-Tea-Ni or Kala Khatta Margarita. 


Listen to Baljit is a new and exciting high-class concept combining street food and fine dining in a modern way. The menu is inspired by authentic masala from traditional, Indian farms, and the food is prepared by renowned chefs with years of experience. 

Indian street food is many things, but first and foremost it’s a traditional way of serving Indian food. Pick and choose from our selection of Thaali, or ask your friendly waiter to recommend dishes that compliment each other well. You can assemble a meal with Indian food from the most excotic corners of India, or eat your way through one region at the time. 

When it comes to Indian food, let your imagination sweep you away. There’s not much else that can measure up to Indian cuisine, especially with regards to color, taste, richness, and texture. 

You should listen to Baljit, and book a table today!


Baljit Singh and his family share a long tradition of serving Indian food to Norwegians. His father, Restaurateur Sardar Gurdial Singh, started working with Indian Cuisine as the founder of Maharaja Restaurant, after developing his chef skills at The Ashoka Hotel in Delhi. He first came to Oslo in 1982. 

Baljit Singh created Listen to Baljit, placed in the heart of Oslo and inspired by food vendors from the streets of India. He’s passionate about making great, Indian food, and sharing the love of authenticity with the people of Oslo. 

Listen to Baljit is all about traditional food with a modern twist. Indian street food by Baljit is the perfect way to sample India’s vast cuisine and culture. Every dish is packed with flavour, texture and aromatic spices. Listen to Baljit is simply one of the best Indian restaurants in Oslo!


Are you in the mood for some great, Indian food? We offer every Indian treat from Tandoori Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken, to modern street food you’ve never heard of. 

Make a reservation online, and let us know if anyone in your party has allergies or other special needs. For large parties please contact us directly at or call us at +47 998 62 000. You can also use the form below. 

Welcome to Listen to Baljit at Solli Plass in Oslo!

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